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  • gallipoli


    It has always been a valued tourist attraction, the City is full of monuments and history, like the Castle who defended the ancient village which is connect at the new city through a bridge which was built in the 17th century. You can see Sant' Agata Cathedral and the Greek Fountain (3d century B.C.). At night the city transforms and offers to young people or to anybody its famous nightlife: clubs, discos with international artists, cinemas, lounge bar. On summer on the long and white beaches you can enjoy yourself at afternoon and evening like in Samsara Beach. The beautiful city centre offers the best cuisine from Salento, especially elaborate fish dishes.

  • Otranto


    On the Adriatic coast of Salento, Otranto id one of the best and fascinating towns of the coast. There are wonderful beaches, but you must visit the Aragonese castle, which organizes a lot of cultural and artistic events. Annunziata's cathedral rises up on the highest place in Otranto and San Pietro church is one of the few examples of byzantine architecture in Apulia. In the city centre you can find wonderful places, little squares, trattorias, every kind of restaurant and small shops which offer the best of local craftsmanship.

  • Santa Maria di Leuca


    It is a bathing and fishing centre in a magic position where Adriatic and Ionian sea meet in the south of Apulia, it offers a coast with cliffs and small sandy beaches. The sea bottom is wonderful for whom who practice underwater tourism, but using boats you can reach different caves. The staircase made of 184 steps connects Santa Maria di Leuca shrine to the touristic harbor where you can admire the last piece of the aqueduct of Apulia because it finishes here.

  • Camera1


    County seat, it is the Baroque city and has got a Roman amphitheatre which is partially under the city, Duomo Square which most represents through its architecture the style of Lecce, Carlo V castle etc. During every season, but especially on summer, the city offers cultural events, concerts and sport competitions.